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Police look for woman charged with murder after fatal car wreck involving a child

by: Sara Whaley Updated:


TULSA, Okla. - Tulsa police say a local woman, accused of killing a child, is on the run.

They need the public’s help finding Jennifer Shriver.

Shriver is charged with DUI and second-degree murder for causing a fatal accident near 4th Street and  Yale Avenue last fall.

FOX23 investigated why it took nine months for the DA’s office to file those charges.

Police say they knew Shriver caused the accident, but it took blood work and lab tests to find out why it happened.

Investigators now have those results; they found K2 in Shriver’s system.

A child is gone because of the accident.

“We just found out that yesterday would have been this child’s ninth birthday,” Sgt. Chris Witt said with tears in his eyes.

 "Having a daughter, having a young daughter, it kind of hit me hard, too,” witness Eric Keener added. “That truck just swerved right around me at the last second and just plowed right into that car.”  

 Nine months later, police and witnesses are still visibly emotional about the car wreck that took the life of 8-year-old, Allie Ruiz.

 “[She had] her whole life ahead of her, before this woman decided to drive impaired and intentionally run through an intersection,” Witt said.

 Keener saw the entire thing happen.

 "I knew when I saw the impact from the side of that vehicle that the little girl probably wouldn’t make it,” Keener told FOX23.

 Investigators say Shriver is a danger to everyone on Green Country streets.

She did prison time for five prior DUI convictions.

Police say it is vital to track down Shriver; they say her bad habit will ultimately lead to another tragedy.

“She will probably continue in this kind of behavior until she is stopped,” Witt said. “We don’t want any other person, child or anyone else to be hurt by this woman.”

Shriver is from the Tahlequah area.

Police believe she now drives a white four-door Buick.

If you have any information on Shriver’s whereabouts police ask you call Crimestoppers at 918-596-COPS.