• Police departments see challenge in social media

    By: Jonathan McCall


    TULSA, Okla. - The explosion of social media is helping police departments across the country connect and solve crimes but it’s also creating a challenge for some.
    Because it is so easy to connect with the click of a mouse, Skiatook police are getting plenty of messages about crime events in progress on its Facebook page. They’re hoping that people just remember three simple numbers.
    “We try to use our Facebook page to engage the public and let them know what’s going on in the community,” said Det. Shane Thompson.
    Thompson said it’s been a vital tool.
    “We try to post as much as we can and try to review as much as we can,” Thompson said.
    But he said that lately more and more people are posting online instead of dialing 911. Reviewing those posts could take some time because their office is manned 24/7 but their Facebook page isn’t.
    “You never know when that suspicious person may be doing something much worse,” Thompson said.
    That’s why Thompson is encouraging citizens to use 911 over Facebook to report anything suspicious.

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