• Police crack down on gas station thieves

    By: Sara Whaley


    TULSA, Okla. - Tulsa police have arrested 36 people in QuikTrip thefts just this year. FOX23 rode along with officers Thursday as they worked to zero in on other thieves.

    Police are looking for one man in particular they believe has stolen beer from QT locations more than once.

    Officers want people like him in jail for a reason. They said those criminals could escalate from theft to robbery or aggravated assault.

    However finding the thieves has been a challenge. One suspect has been using another person’s name.

    Officers Jason Hamm and Patrick Stephens said they arrested two on Wednesday; Orlando Olverson in connection with five beer runs and Boyd Evans in connection with three.

    Officials said QuikTrip tells it's employees not to confront anyone stealing from the store. Police said it's a good policy for safety but could be making the stores a target for crime.

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