Police arrest 2 suspects in business robberies

By: Sara Whaley


TULSA, Okla. - Tulsa police said a robbery suspect they have in custody has had a trial pending on another case on for months.
FOX23 first reported Friday morning that officers arrested Kiantre Belcher in connection with a string of recent business robberies.
Belcher has had some heath issues lately; enough that a judge has put off moving forward in the case on a 2012 assault charge.
While he hasn’t been healthy enough to stand trial, police said he was healthy enough to rob people. From a busy Tulsa Dollar General store to a midtown Kwick Stop, police said a group of several people has frightened shoppers.
“It’s a traumatic event having a gun stuck in your face and having some guy scream at you that they’re going to kill you if you don’t do what they want. It’s tremendously traumatic to victims,” said Sgt. Brandon Watkins.
And it’s not just happening to adults. Surveillance video from one of the robberies shows a little girl looking at candy when the robbers come in with guns drawn.
In the same store the video shows a little boy offering one thief some money when the thief ushers him out the door.
Watkins said that Belcher was one of the masked men-- the same man that was too unhealthy to continue moving forward on the assault case.
“He may not have been in good enough health to go to prison but he’s clearly in good enough health to do some robberies,” Watkins said.
Police feel that they can confidently connect Belcher to three recent armed robberies. But officials said that Belcher isn’t the only responsible party. Arman Gix was also arrested and they have leads on other suspects.

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