• Permit delay for Margaritaville plans

    By: Lynn Casey


    Plans for a Margaritaville restaurant and hotel are moving forward along the river. But we’ve learned they are behind schedule. 

    A permitting issue has delayed the original fall of 2015 opening. Since the property borders the river, the Creek Nation will have to get a permit from the Army Corp of Engineers. It’s a hiccup with will slow progress, but the Creek Nation told us it won’t be a major delay. 

    It’s news that people at neighboring businesses were happy to hear.  

    “I am so excited. I cannot wait to see what it does, the attractions that it brings, the people that it brings, it will be great,” says Allison Yelton, Los Cabos Employee .

    Once the Creek Nation gets the permit, construction could take up to two years. The RiverWalk area has gotten a big push toward revitalization in the last few years. The $335 million project has people who have been watching the progress excited. 

    “It’s only going to work if we work together. If we keep separate we’re not going to bring the businesses here. We have to work with an outside source so that way we get more customers,” says Melissa Myers, another Los Cabos Employee.

    The Creek Nation bought the RiverWalk area in 2012. It’s hoping the casino expansion can affect the other side of the river. That’s why they’re including plans to lead right to it.

    “We’ve heard that there’s going to be a new walk across bridge to get to our restaurant faster. So we’re super excited about that,” says Myers.

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