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Officers' neighbors react to shooting accusation


TULSA, Okla. - Lawyers for a Tulsa cop accused of killing his daughter’s boyfriend have turned in the gun he apparently used but the vehicle he was driving still has not been found.
Officer Shannon Kepler is in the Tulsa County Jail facing a first-degree murder charge.
His wife, Gina Kepler, also a Tulsa cop, is also in jail and facing a charge of accessory after the fact.
The Kepler’s adopted daughter Lisa told FOX23 the incident stemmed from problems between her and her parents.
Shannon Kepler is accused of shooting and killing Jeremy Lake, 19, near Brady and Maybelle.
Lisa Kepler told FOX23 it was poor life choices that led her mother to drop her off at the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. It was there that she met Lake who brought her to his aunt’s house to stay.
It was outside of the house where Shannon Kepler found the two and allegedly fire shots that killed Lake.
Some of the Kepler’s neighbors described them as great people who did everything for all three of their adopted daughters.
They told FOX23 that Shannon Kepler helped his elderly neighbors shovel their driveways and sidewalks when it snowed.
They said Gina Kepler brought food over and made them feel safe by circling the neighborhood in her patrol car every evening.
Neighbors said Lisa Kepler has a history of behavior problems and the Keplers even sent her away to a special private school in Pryor to correct things.
Apparently they had enough and Gina Kepler eventually took Lisa to the Day Center.
Neighbors believed it was meant to teach her a lesson and some even went so far as to blame Lisa for putting her parents in the position they’re in today.
Shannon Kepler works in the Tulsa Police Department’s training division and Gina Kepler was on patrol in north Tulsa. Both have been with the department for 24 years but Tulsa police haven't said anything else about their history with the department.
“I’m not really going to get into that,” said Officer Jill Roberson.
Roberson said the whole incident is weighing heavy on the rest of the department.
“It’s sad for the Kepler family, it’s sad for the victim’s family, and it’s sad for the Police Department’s family,” Kepler said.
Both Shannon and Gina Kepler are on paid administrative leave from TPD during the investigation.