• Obama vacation cost $8 million in 2014


    Quick Facts:

    • New information shows President Obama's trip to Hawaii cost $8 million in 2014
    • Information released by Freedom of Information Act 
    • Obama has taken fewer vacation days than former President George W. Bush 

    The first family is wrapping up two weeks of vacation in Hawaii. 

    Newly released documents give a better picture of how much the president's holiday travel costs taxpayers. Records from the Secret Service show it cost $316,000 to protect the first family in Hawaii last year. 

    Those expenses are mostly for rental cars and hotels. 

    Combined with the cost of Air Force One, it brings the total of last year's trip to more than $8 million. The conservative group Judicial Watch obtained the documents using the Freedom of Information Act. The White House said the government appropriately funds expenses in line with past presidents.

    Obama has taken about a quarter of the number of vacation days compared to President George W. Bush. 

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