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New license readers make traffic stops safer for Tulsa deputies

by: Jonathan McCall Updated:


TULSA, Okla - New technology is headed to the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office is promising to make traffic stops more efficient and safer.  Tulsa County commissioners recently approved the purchase of mobile driver's license readers.  "Sometimes it's hard to read your own handwriting,' says Tulsa sheriff's Captain Paul Tryon.

Right now Tulsa County deputies, still write paper tickets, but once the mobile drivers license readers are installed, they'll simply swipe your license, and the information pops up on their computer screen.

"This is going to allow us to very quickly swipe the drivers license, very quickly get back to what the deputies need to be doing, and that's patrolling or seeking out other traffic violators," says Tulsa County sheriff's Major Shannon Clark.

Clark says the department has discussed purchasing the readers for the last few years. "We had to find a technology that was working well with the type of computers we have in the cars," says Clark.

Instead of the old carbon paper tickets, drivers will receive receipt like printouts, that are electronic.

Clark says  the new readers will not only make traffic stops more efficient, but also safer for deputies and drivers. "The last thing a driver wants to do is sit on the side of the road looking in their rear view mirror, wondering, what's going on back there.

"I use to be a land surveyor and it's not safe to be right on the side of the road because people will often clip you… it maybe a good idea," says driver Danny Cahill.

Mobile driver's license readers are already in use by Tulsa Police and Oklahoma Highway Patrol. 

65 patrol cars will initially be outfitted with the readers, with plans to expland.