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National Guard uses helicopter to feed cattle stranded by flood

by: JJ Burton Updated:


MUSKOGEE, Okla. - Quick facts:

  • The National Guard used a Chinook helicopter to feed cattle stuck because of flooding.
  • It cost more than $10,000 from state disaster funds.


The National Guard used a CH47 Chinook helicopter to feed more than 100 cattle today.

This is because the cattle are stuck on a flooded farm, and the owner cannot get to it to feed them.

Thanks to disaster relief funds, the National Guard, the Muskogee County Emergency Management Department and a neighboring farm, Robert Vinson's cattle are finally eating. 

He says they have been without hay for at least 3 days.

"What we're going to put out today I hope will hold them for a week," Vinson said.

The helicopter flown by a few of America's finest does not come out to feed the cows on a daily basis.

They are here Wednesday because the Vinson farm is flooded, and the cows are in desperate need of food.

FOX23 was there as the National Guard made multiple trips to drop 12 bales of hay for the cows.

"We're also going to drop some protein feed to give them some protein to supplement the hay," Vinson said.

This process costs more than $10,000.

The State Emergency Management is using disaster funds to pay for this.

Jeff Smith, Muskogee's Emergency Director, is calling this a great decision on the state's part.

"This is the way of life in rural America," he said. "It's your livestock, your cattle. This is something that is very important to keep that life going."

Vinson says he is going to move the cattle as soon as the water goes down.