Main Event Entertainment to open in south Tulsa

By: Ian Silver


TULSA, Okla. - Main Event is one of the fastest growing entertainment venues in America and by next spring a new location will open in south Tulsa.
The upscale bowling alley and laser tag venue will be off of 81st and Union, right across from Highway 75 and the Tulsa Hills Shopping Center.
Residents in the area told FOX23 they are excited to have a new family-friendly place to enjoy. Lindsay Huckabaa said she usually drives her kids farther north to Andy B’s and Incredible Pizza.
“We live in Jenks and they’re in uptown. So having something so close would be great,” Huckabaa said.
In addition to a bowling alley, Main Event will feature a multilevel laser tag field.
“Wow, I think would be really fun,” Kylie Huckabee said.
It’s not just for kids either.
“It sounds really cool. I kind of like laser tag when I was younger. I haven’t gotten to play it much lately but it sounds awesome,” said Jimmy Hurley.
Kenny Martin lives in the apartments next door. He thinks the money and jobs it will bring far outweighs the headache that extra traffic will cause in the neighborhood.
“I think it’s great for south Tulsa. I know this is part of the Jenks School district, which is why I’m here. So I think it’s great for the area,” Martin said.
But with an investment estimated to be more than $6 million, the question is whether Tulsans will make that investment pay off for Main Event.
“It will be welcomed with open arms,” Hurley said.
“Being mostly family-friendly, I think so,” Lindsay Huckabee said.
Construction is expected to start next month, with an opening set for the spring.

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