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High school student admits to selling meth to teacher



PITTSBURG COUNTY, Okla. - Quick Facts:


  • A Haileyville High School teacher was arrested after buying meth from a student
  • The student admitted to selling the drugs after a drug testing policy was put in place
  • The district's superintendent was shocked by the confession


A Haileyville High School teacher was arrested this week for buying meth from a student.

The District 18 Drug Task Force said Nathan Cato was taken into custody.  

After too many incidents of busting students with marijuana, district superintendent Roger Hemphill decided to reinstate the school’s drug testing policy.

“We passed out the paperwork Thursday morning,” Hemphill said.

He expected some students to panic at the thought of being drug tested.

“They were drinking water. They were trying to flush their system. It was kind of comical,” Hemphill said.

However, soon afterward, a student confessed to Hemphill that she sold meth to Cato, an agriculture teacher at the school.

Hemphill said Cato, who has taught at the school for 9 years, was loved by many students and staff.

“You could have knocked me out of the chair with a feather, I was just so flabbergasted,” Hemphill said.

He said he immediately called police and the school’s attorney.

Cato is charged with possessing drugs in the presence of a minor. The charge carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

The minor involved in selling the drugs is also facing charges.