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Gun ban at Tulsa apartment complex causes controversy

by: Lynn Casey Updated:


TULSA, Okla. - FOX23 has been working to get some definitive answers about when you can and can’t have a gun on private property and when that private property is an apartment that becomes your home when you sign a lease. The simplest answer to that question can be found right in the Oklahoma Self Defense Act.
“It’s your constitutional right to be able to have a firearm, per the United States and Oklahoma,” said Oklahoma Open Carry Association Vice President Gary Stiner.
A resident of the Edenwood Apartments in Tulsa told FOX23 the property wouldn’t allow guns inside the apartments.
“They said it was their policy that she could tell them what to do and what not to do,” said Stiner.
The Oklahoma Self Defense Act allows tenants of privately owned properties to keep a weapon inside their home if they can legally own one. So the Oklahoma Open Carry Association called the apartment manager to request a meeting to talk about the policy.
“She’d actually told him that her cousin has guns and that he would shoot us in the face,” Stiner said.
FOX23 contacted the complex but no one responded. When approached in person our crew was escorted off the property by security.
A sign has since been placed in the window of the complex office that reads, “NO GUNS.”
“The apartment complex does have the right to ask you not to openly carry on common grounds,” Stiner said.
But a legal carrier can keep the gun in their car in the parking lot or inside their apartment. Security guards and property managers simply aren’t able to make up different rules on different days. That is what this tenant and their licensed carrying visitors said they’ve experienced.
“Yes they can, no they can’t, they can have it in the car, they can’t have it in the car, no they can’t have it in the car. They basically do not know what the laws are,” Stiner said.
FOX23 has continued attempts to speak with management and received no response.