• EXCLUSIVE: Police release video of scary encounter inside Tulsa Taco Bell

    By: Sara Whaley


    TULSA, Okla. - FOX23 got an exclusive first look at a scary encounter inside a Tulsa Taco Bell.

    Police say when a thief couldn't get money from employees at the Taco Bell near 71st Street and Riverside Drive, he turned to the customers.

    The video tells the entire story.

    You can see the thief point his gun at a family. Two grandparents who were eating with their two grandchildren.

    "You're sort of just ratcheting up an already violent crime," Robbery Sgt. Brandon Watkins told FOX23."Usually they come in, target the business, and leave. Very rarely do we see [thieves] target a pair of grandparents eating dinner with their grandchildren."

    The video shows the family hide underneath a table, while the thief goes behind the counter.

    Video near the drive through register shows the man pistol whip the manager of the Taco Bell.

    Police tell FOX23 the thief didn't get away with any money from the business, but he did steal a wallet and jewelry from the family eating.

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