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Dog found in Bixby with meth burns dies

by: Naomi Keitt Updated:

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BIXBY, Okla. - Quick Facts:

  • Zorro the dog was rescued from a ditch by Bixby Police
  • Horizon Animal Hospital initially thought he had mange, but found chemical burns
  • The veterinarian believes the burns were from meth and that Zorro previously lived with people making meth
  • Animal Control officers took swabs; Zorro is getting plasma transfusions and is apparently facing withdrawal symptoms

Zorro the dog has passed away.

He was found Monday in a ditch by Bixby Police. Police took him to Horizon Animal Hospital, where veterinarians thought he had mange.

FOX23 Naomi Keitt talked to vets about what the dog was facing


After looking closer, they realized Zorro had chemical burns. Animal Control officers took swabs to confirm what caused the burns, but veterinarians believe the burns came from meth. 

Vets believe he was living with people who made meth. 

In addition to plasma transfusions and other treatments, the veterinarians tried to treat Zorro's apparent withdrawal symptoms.

Horizon Animal Hospital said early Saturday that Zorro had died.