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District of Columbia causes problems for TSA agent

by: Justin Gray Updated:


TULSA, Okla. - A member of FOX23’s Washington D.C. bureau was asked for his passport while he was traveling over the weekend. 

The problem? He wasn’t travelling out of the country. 

FOX23’s Justin Gray had shown the TSA agents his District of Columbia driver’s license as his photo id. The license is legal and up to date. 

Gray said the TSA agent at Orlando international Airport didn't seem to know what the District of Columbia was when he walked up to the security checkpoint. 

“He said he didn't recognize my ID,” said Gray, who said at that point he was a combination of confused and shocked. 

“I said, ‘do you not know what the District of Columbia is? Washington D.C.? After some back and forth it was clear he didn't,” said Gray. 

He eventually did make it thru security and stopped to complain to a supervisor. 

But critics of the TSA said what happened are a sign the problems at TSA are bigger than just not knowing geography. 

Douglas Kidd is with the National Association of Airline Passengers. 

“They simply have not been either applying or maintaining standards for good personnel,” said Kidd. 

A TSA spokesman did reach out to Gray just minutes after he tweeted about the problem and confirmed D.C. license is an acceptable form ID. 

He told Gray: Officers are trained to identify fraudulent documents, which can potentially deter and detect individuals attempting to circumvent this layer of security. 

A TSA spokesman said because of this they’re now showing copies of D.C. license's to TSA agents.