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Crews still working on water main break in north Tulsa

by: Angela Hong Updated:


TULSA, Okla. - Workers are trying to fix a 30 inch break in a water line that sent water gushing out into the street early Tuesday morning.
FOX23 learned heat may be to blame for the break near Harvard and Pine.
There is a massive hole that crews dug Tuesday afternoon to get to the broken pipe. 
Crews told FOX23 they plan to be there for several more hours and for now around 70 people are still without water. 
At times, North Harvard Avenue looked like a babbling brook as crews pumped thousands of gallons of water to get to the break. 
“Pretty catastrophic break, it blew out the medium,” said John Richardson with the City of Tulsa Water Department.
“It made a loud explosion and the water was coming up,” said Stephanie Arthur, who lives near the water main break.  
The city brought in a 500-gallon truck of water for people to use while the break was being repaired.
“If we have a significant area without water or if temperatures are going to be like what they are today or yesterday yea we’ll bring a water truck out,” said Richardson.
Harvard between Pine and Admiral was closed off for about a half mile stretch. Throughout the day a line of cars made U-turns and detours. Crews said the break likely happened because of the weather Monday, the dry ground caused the soil to move. 
“On top of that yesterday (Monday) was extremely hot so our pump rate went really high,”   said Richardson.
The city is working on getting water restored to at least some of the people affected and neighbors are hoping for the best. 
Crews told FOX23 once they look at how much damage there is under the surface, they’ll see if they can open a lane on Harvard in each direction by Wednesday morning.