• Committee meets in Tulsa to discuss changes to first responder training manuals

    By: Price McKeon


    TULSA, Okla. - More than 100 representatives from around the world met in Tulsa Sunday to collaborate on lifesaving information used in first response training manuals.

    FOX23 got an inside look at one of the committee meetings at the International Fire Service Training Association.

    The manuals can be found in every Tulsa fire station and many more worldwide. The committees that update the books are also located in Tulsa.

    “It’s a continual process so all of our people are here making sure we have the latest information and to meet the current standards,” said Michael Wieder.

    Wieder is the executive director of the International Fire Service Training Association based out of Oklahoma State University.

    “We use Tulsa to have our meetings because of easy access from the airport and the hotel facilities that are here to suit the size of this event,” Wieder said.

    People flew from around the world to south Tulsa to discuss important updates to the manuals.

    “We’re focusing on the fact that research recently has indicated fire behaves in different manners because of new technology building materials,” Wieder said.

    More than 2 million of the books are being used around the world for training.

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