City of Tulsa tackles streetlight problems

By: Preston Jones


TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

More than 33 miles of copper have been stolen from city streetlights, and the city of Tulsa is trying to get a handle on the issue. 

The city said it needs residents to call or go online to report streetlight outages. The city does not know about outages until they are reported through the company. 

Additionally, the Tulsa Street Light Task Force met, looking for parts and supplies to work on getting the lights back on. FOX23 previously reported on streetlight outages caused by copper thieves. 

The repairs could take several months and will cost about $2 million. Part of that money, around $1 million, will come from the Improve Our Tulsa Fund. The city has not said from where the additional money will come. 

The city is also working with state legislators as they push bills through to make recycling laws stricter. Those changes would potentially cut down on copper thefts by lowering the profit margin on stolen copper. 


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