• Catoosa teacher fired after piling kids in car

    By: Morgan Downing


    CATOOSA, Ok - A Catoosa teacher was fired Wednesday night for driving her students to Walmart without school or parental consent.

    Tempers flared after the school board voted 4-1 to fire Heather Cagle. Cagle admitted to packing 11 of her middle school students into her Honda Accord. Two of the students rode inside her closed trunk.

    Cagle drove them to the Catoosa Walmart to buy snacks during school hours and without school or parental consent.

    Cagle spoke to the board and said she made a mistake and was sorry. Several parents and former students also spoke on her behalf.

    The informal hearing lasted four hours. The board deliberated for more than an hour before making a decision. 

    "There wasn't any danger and it was a farce. All you got to do is cry a lawsuit or something these days." Cagle's attorney Richard O'Carroll said. "It wasn't the best judgement. She went 400 yards on an empty road through a parking lot. No one was hurt."

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