• Burglars distract owner, steal cash

    By: Ian Silver


    TULSA, Okla. - A new car dealership in east Tulsa is trying to recover after the owner said he let his guard down for seconds and lost cash and his cellphone to thieves.
    It happened at the House of Cars and Cycles at 46th and Memorial.
    Owner Tim Kirk was more embarrassed than anything that he let his guard down, but he agreed to tell his story because he doesn’t want any other new business owners falling for the same tricks.
    Kirk opened his indoor showroom in March and things have been going great until two guys came in Friday afternoon.
    “Could tell he probably wasn’t a customer to buy a Viper that I had for sale, but I wanted to be nice, so I went out greeted him, thanked him for coming in, went out on the parking lot and showed him the vehicle,” said Kirk.
    He let them take selfies next to the high-end race car, but thought they were leaving when he went to help some customers.
    “Asked one of my employees if they could use the restroom. Well, they saw that I had money that I was fixing to go to the bank, I guess, and had my cellphone over the money when they came in,” he said.
    Without anyone noticing they slipped in and back out.
    “Happened to be almost $1,000 cash and a cellphone. And I mean, it literally just happened in moments,” he said.
    He couldn’t believe it.
    “I thought one of my employees was playing a joke on me,” he said.
    But nobody was laughing.
    “I felt violated,” he said.
    It was a financial hit to his brand new business.
    “If you’re in a retail business yourself, don’t let your guard down for a second. It can happen to anyone if it happened to me,” he said.
    Kirk doesn’t expect to get the money or phone back, but wants other business owners to look out for a 2003 silver Mercury Cougar with paint peeling off the back.

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