• Broken Arrow man had tires, rims stolen from driveway

    By: Janai Norman


    BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - FOX23 uncovered local car dealerships weren’t the only victims of recent tire thefts.
    FOX23 reported Tuesday Brandon Jones was arrested in Minneapolis on a felony warrant out of Arkansas for stealing rims and tires from a GMC dealership.
    Police in Bartlesville and Broken Arrow want to talk to him about similar crimes, including one FOX23’s Janai Norman found hit close to home for one family.
    The victims never expected within a week of buying a brand new car to find it right in their driveway with no wheels, sitting on cinder blocks.
    “They said, ‘You’re not going to work yet’, I thought it was a joke from the kids. They said, ‘You don’t have any wheels,’” said Kevin Ryan.
    He shared pictures with FOX23 of what he thought was a prank but left him shocked at how bold and quick the thieves were.
    “For them to get in and out and us not hearing it, they had to come through here and be in and out in five minutes,” said Ryan.
    “It was pretty similar to the case we had from the dealership; tires and wheels taken, car left on cinder blocks,” said Capt. Shea, with Broken Arrow police.
    That’s why Shea told FOX23 that Broken Arrow police are anxious to talk with Jones.
    “When he gets back to Arkansas, one of our detectives is going to go over there, try to interview him, see what he has to say, see if we can tie him to all of this activity,” said Shea.
    Jones is being extradited to Arkansas, where police in Fort Smith believe he and another man used a truck to steal five sets of rims and tires from 2014 GMC trucks.
    FOX23 aired surveillance video from the Ferguson GMC, in Broken Arrow, where the same thing happened to six vehicles.
    A week later, 19 vehicles were left on cinder blocks at the GMC dealership in Bartlesville, for an estimated loss of $48,000.
    In total: at least 31 GMC vehicles, totaling about 124 stolen rims and tires, which FOX23 learned don’t come cheap.
    “We were shocked, come to find out how expensive they were. It was $5,400 from the dealership just to replace stock wheels,” said Ryan.
    Shea said for police, finding the stolen rims and tires will likely prove more difficult than it will be for the thieves to sell them.
    “If there’s a market for it, somebody will steal it. That’s the key for us: Where are these things? How are they selling them? Where are they moving them?” said Shea.


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