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Breastfeeding moms take over local park

by: Lynn Casey Updated:


TULSA, Okla - People walking through the park today might have gotten a bit of a surprise: nearly 30 moms breastfeeding their babies right out in the open. But the fact that it may have surprised you is why they were here in the first place. 

“Get with it. Let’s realize that this is going to be normal,” says organizer Carrie Fulgencio.

She’s a photographer. She arranged for these women to get together in the park so she could take pictures of them with their babies. But it’s not your average play-date, or photo-shoot. They were to breastfeed—out in the open.  Carrie says women couldn’t wait to participate. 

“Just because of the looks you get or it’s not socially acceptable really around here yet,” says breastfeeding mom, Ashley Roberts.

Those disapproving looks are a concern we heard from most moms today. All of them have experienced it in public, and some have even gotten it when they tried to go somewhere private like the bathroom of a restaurant. 

“I overheard girls talking, I was like “Are you serious?” They were making comments about me feeding him in a stall and so it really hurt my feelings at that point, and I didn’t understand,” says new breastfeeding mom, Chelsie Root.

Carrie was there to photograph the birth of Chelsie’s son, and now she’s trying to help her feel comfortable breastfeeding in the open. Carrie says it’s unacceptable that bathrooms are sometimes the only option. 

“I should not have to take my baby into an unsanitary place to feed them, and neither should any other mom. You don’t go eat your lunch there so why should I take my child,” she says.

Plenty of dads came out for moral support. Taylor Roberts says rude treatment in public bothers them too. 

“You have to be able to stand there and take some of it but it gets annoying after a while,” says Roberts.

The women we spoke with today said they were out here because they’re hoping they can help normalize the practice. They hope the more people seeing it happening, the less shocking it will be.