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Blue Bell: Listeria not found in Texas plant


BRENHAM, Texas - Quick Facts:


  • Blue Bells officials said they have not found Listeria in one of their Texas facilities
  • This comes after reports that the bacteria was found there
  • The company was forced to shutdown operations due to an outbreak last year

Blue Bell Creameries states that suspected Listeria has not been found in certain areas of its Brenham, Texas, facility, though they have identified "suspect areas" where the bacteria may be inside the plant.

In an official statement, Blue Bell stresses that none of the company's products have tested positive for the bacteria.

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The company had to shut down all of their plants and recall their entire line of products last year due to a deadly Listeria outbreak.

Officials said that the suspect areas found this week is not in the area where ice cream is made and the food is safe. They said testing is being done to identify where bacteria could be found in order to prevent contamination.

The Department of Justice is currently investigating last year’s outbreak. They allege that the company knew as early as 2013 that at least one plant was contaminated.