• Investigation into Tulsa woman's death hits roadblock

    By: Rick Maranon

    • TULSA, Okla. - The hunt for the person who killed Amy Robertson last April has hit a roadblock, and police are hoping someone comes forward with new information about who killed Robertson and then placed her body in a dumpster behind a midtown Tulsa grocery store.
    • Tulsa Police Homicide Sergeant Dave Walker told FOX23 Tuesday that Robertson was considered "transient," but though investigators have talked to many in the Tulsa homeless community near the dumpster Robertson was found, no viable leads have come out of their investigation.
    • Last April, police believed Robertson was attacked in front of the Las America grocery store at East Third and South Zunis after streaks of blood were found on the store's patio-walkway leading to the back where the dumpster is.
    • Walker said he and his detectives have made contact with Robertson's family, who despite being somewhat separated over time, are still interested to know who killed her and why.

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