How could Hurricane Matthew impact gas prices?


TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

  • Tulsa drivers are currently paying about $1.98 at the pump
  • The prices runs nearly a quarter cheaper than the national average of $2.22
  • Gas stations along the Caribbean have been packed in preparation
  • FOX23 is monitoring oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and the price of gas
  • TRACK the storm impacts HERE

As a strong hurricane barrels through the Caribbean, with an expected landing in Florida on Tuesday or Wednesday, consumers are preparing for gas prices to rise.

Long lines could be seen across the area Monday as drivers prepared to leave before Hurricane Matthew struck.

The rush for gas raised the question: what could Matthew mean for gas prices?

Tulsa drivers currently pay $1.82 at the pump, a quarter cheaper than the national average of $2.22.

If the storm impacts oil production in the Gulf of Mexico, it could have an impact on pricing. So far, the storm has not had an impact.

Current predictions see the storm hitting Florida, but it is not clear if other Gulf States or nearby production sites could be hit.

FOX23 continues to monitor this storm. Check out the latest HERE



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