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Hot air balloon makes landing in Broken Arrow neighborhood

by: Price McKeon Updated:


BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - A Broken Arrow neighborhood woke up to an unusual sight Sunday morning.
A pilot landed a hot air balloon in the middle of the Eagle Creek neighborhood. The pilot told FOX23 he had to do it because there was almost no wind to move the balloon.
Residents at one house said the balloon landing sounded like thunder.
“That it was going to fall on our roof; that was the first thought,” said Judy Bradley.
It didn’t land on the house, but it did land in her neighbor’s yard.
The balloon’s pilot, Martin Philpott, told FOX23 that he took off in Broken Arrow at around 8 Sunday morning. He said it was a smooth but slow flight because the famous Oklahoma wind didn’t show up.
Because hot air balloons depend on the wind keep them moving, they had to touch down in the neighborhood instead of the planned landing site down the street.
“Today it was like watching a piece of cottonwood just gently float and drift down and set on the ground,” Philpott said.
“It was a lot more excitement than we’ve ever had in our neighborhood,” Bradley said.
No one was hurt and Philpott said the landing went well. Residents nearby said their kids loved being able to see the balloon up close.