Fraternity suspended from Oklahoma State University


STILLWATER, Okla. - Oklahoma State University suspended the Phi Delta Theta fraternity from campus after a history of breaking rules.
“Pretty much they got busted doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing,” said Austin Reade.

The fraternity will be locked out for two years.
FOX23 obtained the emails written by OSU officials to the fraternity’s national headquarters that lists each violation.
The email said the in January the fraternity was suspended on both conduct and social probation because at least one pledge member was seriously bruised from being paddled.
The email said at least 20 members and the chapter president participated in hazing the pledges by paddling them. It also said that while the fraternity was on suspension they received three alcohol violations. One of the violations was a keg party that was held in the house in early May.
OSU students that spoke to FOX23 weren’t forgiving.
“Break the rules and that’s what happens,” Reade said.
“They gave them a fair amount of warning and they didn’t follow the rules,” said Ivan Thomas.
Some said off-camera that they think the violations are something that is happening across the Greek system in general.
Reade said he thinks Phi Delta Theta just happened to be the fraternity to get caught.
“I am really doubtful this will change anything. It’s been happening for way too long for just a small two-year suspension to be able to change anything,” Reade said.

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