FOX23 newsletters, app changes make news even easier


Getting news that matters to you just got even easier. 

The daily FOX23 News This Morning newsletters offer the latest weather data, top stories and easy access to videos.

Take a detailed look at the week ahead with the once-a-week Severe Weather newsletter. 

FOX23 Breaking News emails offer access to the latest breaking news when you cannot get to your app, and the FOX23 High School Football Tonight email offers a weekly preview of the games ahead during the season. 

Now, you can sign up for these without leaving the FOX23 News application. Simply go to the  menu and select "newsletters"

Share your email and choose which emails you want to receive. 

While you're tinkering with your settings, check out the settings tab to set quiet hours or customize your alerts.

The FOX23 News app uses your current location to send geographically-specific push alerts. This way, you only receiving weather, traffic and breaking news alerts that might matter to your area. 

However, if you want to keep an eye on a specific location, or plan to travel but still want alerts from home, you can choose to receive alerts on a county-by-county basis. 

You can also receive consumer alerts, like recalls, high school football, traffic and entertainment-specific alerts. 

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