Tulsa to see rise in panhandling fines

By: Ashli Lincoln


TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

  • Councilwoman Karen Gilbert lobbied to have aggressive panhandling fines increased.
  • The fine will increase to $150.
  • It will go into effect August 1.


While some say increased panhandling fines in Tulsa will help the city, others tell FOX23 the change is unreasonable.

An increased panhandling fine will go into effect August 1.

Councilwoman Karen Gilbert lobbied to have aggressive panhandling fines increased from $50 to $150.

She says she hopes the fine will deter what she calls a spike in aggressive panhandling complaints in the city.

Gilbert says the rising number of complaints is an issue impacting her district.

Between January 2016 and May 2017, the city issued 333 aggressive begging citations.

The told amount issued by the city was $12,355, of that number only $2,475 was reportedly paid.

The money collected from citations goes into the city’s general fund.

A panhandler told FOX23 that the change is unreasonable.

The area man, who says he lost his job after having surgery on a shoulder, says he does what he has to do in order to eat.

He says panhandlers already can’t afford to pay the small fines, and he says panhandlers can be subjected to fines for merely reaching over the curb to accept money from anyone inside a car.

FOX23 learned the top 10 panhandling locations according to the city of Tulsa:


  1. 1300 South Utica Ave.
  2. 7100 South Olympia Ave.
  3. 1600 East 14th St.
  4. 1400 South Utica Ave.
  5. 100 South Utica Ave.
  6. 2800 East Admiral Pl.
  7. 1700 East Admiral Blvd.
  8. 1300 East Skelly Dr.
  9. 100 North Gilcrease Museum Rd.
  10. 200 South 129th East Ave.

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