Tulsa County District Attorney adds new charges against teen accused of violent crime spree

By: Ashli Lincoln


TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

  • Deonte Green faces a number of charges after a deadly crime spree in south Tulsa.
  • The Tulsa County District Attorney added multiple new charges against him Wednesday.
  • Court documents revealed more about Green.


A teen accused in a deadly crime spree now faces new charges.

Wednesday, the Tulsa County District Attorney added five new charges and four youthful offender charges against Deonte Green.

Court documents released by the Tulsa County Juvenile Court reveal Green had been committing crimes more than a year.

In September 2016, he was charged with possession of marijuana.

In January 2017, the court says he broke into a home and allegedly stole guns.

Two months later, he reportedly assaulted his step-father.

He is accused of breaking to another home in May.

The court says his crimes continued into August, when he allegedly broke into another home and a thrift store.

Breakdown of the accusations against Green:

  • 6/14/12 - Malicious Injury to Property 
  • 5/12/14 - Burglary II:  Case Dismissed (Muskogee County) 
  • 9/8/14 - Threatening a violent Act:  DA Declined Charges (Wagoner County) 
  • 8/23/16 - Possession of Marijuana: Case Dismissed (Tulsa County)
  • 01/15/17 - Burglary of residence: Case pending (Tulsa County) 
  • 3/28/17 - Domestic Assault & Battery: Case pending (Tulsa County) 
  • 3/28/17 - Bench Warrant Issued failure to appear (Tulsa County) 
  • 4/10/17 - Burglary II: Case pending (Tulsa County) 
  • 5/15/17 - Burglary II: Case Pending (Tulsa County)   
  • 8/01/17 - Burglary from auto: Plead guilty NOLO (Tulsa County) 
  • 8/19/17 - Burglarizing a thrift store: Case pending (Tulsa County)

Documents also indicate Green had mental health issues including depression, ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. He began receiving treatment last year.

The records show his medical information was released to the court, and he relied on medications.

Green was enrolled in special education classes in high school and records show 25 disciplinary issues in the 2016-2017 school year.

The detention order noted that Green was considered a high-risk repeat offender, and the court considered him to be a threat to others.

Green’s mother told FOX23 he was out on probation.

The juvenile court says he was not allowed to go outside unless accompanied by an adult.

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