• Customers say Owasso restaurant double dipped into their bank accounts

    By: Ashli Lincoln


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    • Thousands of customers said they received extra charges on their bank statements after they visited the El Tequila Cocina Mexican Restaurant.
    • Management from the restaurant said the system that processed bank cards was to blame.
    • They said they are taking steps to make sure the error does not happen again.

    OWASSO, Okla. - Thousands of customers say they are seeing extra charges on their bank statements after they say the El Tequila Cocina Mexican Restaurant in Owasso doubled dipped into their bank accounts.

    One Owasso mother who didn’t want to be identified said she was double drafted nearly $90 in January.

    Other residents have reported bank drafts up to $200.

    FOX23 spoke with manager David Aguilera, who said the restaurant is not double drafting people’s bank accounts.

    He said there was an error with their batch system that processes bank cards.

    Aguilera said the error impacted thousands of customers who visited the restaurant between the months of August and January.

    He told FOX23 the computer system faulted and didn’t originally charge customers, basically giving them a free meal.

    He said that, in all, the restaurant has lost around $60,000 to $70,000.

    In an effort to recoup that money, Aguilera said they have gotten their system functioning correctly and began processing those incorrect payments in January.

    Aguilera said they are taking steps to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

    The El Tequila in Owasso has separate ownership from the midtown Tulsa and Broken Arrow locations.

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