• EMSA ambulance involved in crash when SUV tried to get around


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    • EMSA ambulance involved in crash on US-75.
    • It happened Friday night near Southwest Boulebard.
    • Medics were not injured. The passenger of another vehicle was transported to the hospital.

    TULSA, Okla. - An EMSA ambulance was involved in a crash on US-75 near Southwest Boulevard in west Tulsa on Friday night.

    An EMSA official told FOX23 the ambulance was running with lights and sirens when an SUV with an attached trailer went around it.

    The SUV jack-knifed and caused the ambulance and another vehicle to crash.

    No patients were in the ambulance. A second unit was called to transport a vehicle's passenger to the hospital. The medics were not injured.

    The SUV driver fled on foot.

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