• Dewey County Sheriff shot by Michael Vance

    By: Naomi Keitt


    Quick Facts:

    • Dewey County Sheriff Clay Sander is recovering after being shot by Michael Vance Sunday night
    • Vance shot Sander in Dewey County when Sander pulled over a truck dragging a chain
    • Vance shot him in the shoulder and elbow, Sander will be OK
    • READ MORE: Vance shot and killed Sunday night 


    Michael Vance shot Dewey County Sheriff Clay Sander before later being shot and killed on Sunday. 

    Sander pulled over a truck in Dewey County because it was dragging a chain. Vance turned out to be driving the truck and shot Sander in the shoulder and elbow. He is going to be ok. 

    Deputies then found a campsite in the woods near Hammond where they think Vance was staying and tracked the vehicle he was driving to locate him.

    An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper shot and killed Vance Sunday night.


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