• Deputies find marijuana growing operations in Sand Springs home

    By: Janai Norman


    SAND SPRINGS, Okla. - FOX23 found marijuana leaves outside a home where deputies found a grow operation and ingredients for cooking meth.
    Deputies arrested Jason Beisly at his Sand Springs home on multiple drug complaints.
    Deputies were originally called to the home for reports of a woman screaming and a child possibly in danger. They didn’t find that, but they did find drugs.
    Just a few yards from where FOX23 found marijuana leaves in front of Beisly’s home, FOX23 talked with his next-door neighbor, Patricia Tackett who said the suspect has been going through a tough time.
    “That surprises me, that really does surprise me because he’s a good kid, he’s lost both of his parents recently. I really don’t know what he does for a living because he just recently moved back in with them to take care of his mother before she passed,” she said.
    According to the arrest report, when Beisly opened the door for deputies Thursday they smelled marijuana, which Beisly allegedly admitted to smoking before handing over a shoe box with evidence.
    As they continued searching the home, the report shows deputies found paraphernalia including smoking devices, pills, scales, baggies, ingredients to make meth and a marijuana grow inside a closet.
    When asked whether there was more outside, Beisly allegedly said “Go check my garden out back. I have several growing.”
    The leaves FOX23 found out front were from the plants deputies seized in addition to a meth lab, just across the fence from Tackett’s yard.
    “I am very shocked, they keep their lawns mowed, they keep their houses nice, so you don’t suspect that there’s a problem anywhere,” said Tackett.
    Beisly’s arrest report further shows before being taken to the jail he asked a deputy to grab his cellphone.
    When that deputy asked whether he used the phone for his drugs deals and transactions, he allegedly said “Yes, there are probably some drugs texts on there and pictures of my grows.”

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