• Craig County rancher puts up $10,000 reward after cattle thefts

    By: Jackie DelPilar


    CRAIG COUNTY, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Someone stole around $30,000 worth of livestock from a Craig County ranch.
    • The owner is offering a $10,000 reward leading to his cows.
    • The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture is investigating.


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    The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture is investigating after someone stole two dozen cows from a Craig County ranch.

    The owner says he runs a family business that is struggling to make ends meet, so the thefts have dealt a huge blow to them.

    He says he went to the ranch last week and found that the lock on the gate had been cut off.

    He believes thieves came in and fed the cows to corral them in a pen before loading them into trailers and taking off.

    Officials from the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture say 23 cows and at least 10 calves were stolen, adding up to around $30,000 in livestock.

    The owner has put up a $10,000 reward to help get his cows back.

    He says the cows are branded at the hip with an "s" and a "j."

    Officials say they don't have any leads at this time.

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