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Police: Coweta incident no longer deemed abduction attempt



COWETA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

  • Parents reported an attempted child abduction Monday
  • The case happened in Coweta and bore similarities to a case in Claremore
  • The parents got photos of the vehicle
  • Police later said the people in the vehicle came forward, and now investigators don't believe there was an abduction attempt
  • Police are continuing investigation


Coweta Police initially released a statement, but they later said they don't believe the incident was an abduction attempt; 

It appears that on February 20, 2017 at approximately 4:48 P.M. in the area of 13615 S. 286th Avenue in the City of Coweta an attempted child abduction may have taken place. A silver or light blue late 1990's or early 2000 Ford Taurus with a missing hubcap on the right rear passenger side tire and what appears to be a large dent on the right rear passenger bumper pulled up in front of the above address where a male child was playing outside his home. A partial tag was observed by the reporting party of the first three digits being 849.

The father reported the above listed vehicle pulled up in front of his home and stopped in an area close to his son. He then stated that a male subject exited the right rear passenger side of the car and began to walk towards his six year old son. The father said he accidently hit the window when he was trying to open the blinds to check on his son, when he observed the male subject, at this time the male suspect heard him strike the window with the blind. The suspect turned and ran back to the car and entered the rear passenger door while yelling Go Go Go to the driver. He said the Taurus took off at a high rate of speed out of the area. The father described the suspect as a white male approximately 6' tall, wearing prescription eyeglasses, a ball cap, and black and blue plaid jacket.

Other agencies have reported possible abduction of this nature with the same style and possible matching color vehicle involved. We have provided pictures of the suspect vehicle to disseminate to the public. The Coweta Police Department request anyone who has any information about the vehicle or suspects in the pictures to contact us immediately.


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