Copper, aluminum wire stolen from lights along I-244

By: Carson Colvin



  • Robert McKibben and John Nelson have been arrested after being accused of stealing aluminum and copper wires from the lights on I-244
  • The city said they are flabbergasted someone would do this just after they had been replaced

Two men have been arrested after drivers saw them yanking wires from the lights between Peoria and Lewis. 

Robert McKibben and John Nelson were booked into the Tulsa County Jail. 

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The two men are homeless and after an inspection of a tent they sleep in, officers said they found a duffel bag filled with aluminum and copper wiring the city installed recently. 

The City of Tulsa said they are flabbergasted someone would steal the new replacement wiring and they're studying this arrest to see what can be improved to keep people from stealing the wires. 

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