• Dozens come together to bring special holiday for young girls who witnessed parents' murders

    By: Mallory Thomas


    Story Highlights

    • Two local elementary school students reportedly witnessed their parents' separate murders in 2015.
    • Now, the community is coming together to help.
    • Police officers and other community members say they gathered donations for the girls.

    TULSA, Okla. - A community is coming together to help two little girls after they witnessed the murder of both of their parents.

    The two girls reportedly witnessed the separate murders of their parents in 2015, and now, they are elementary school students in Tulsa.

    A Tulsa police officer is mentoring the youngest after a kindergarten teacher said she noticed some behavioral changes in the child.

    Now, officers and other community members are coming together to give the girls a holiday season they won't forget with donations and a move to give the girls a fresh start.

    Around 50 people showed up Monday night at Marshall Elementary to celebrate Christmas with the girls, who now live with their grandmother.

    Community liaison officer Popsey Floyd played a role in organizing the celebration.

    The people organizing the donations say the public can help out in the future by volunteering in programs in area schools or by mentoring children in their communities.

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