• Caught on camera: Man takes off with disabled Tulsa vet's trailer

    By: Mallory Thomas


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Mike Lovins says someone stole his trailer from his driveway.
    • He says he had a truck parked in front of the trailer and a heavy duty lock on the trailer.
    • This is the second time someone has reportedly stolen a trailer from Lovins in five years.


    A disabled Tulsa veteran says someone stole his trailer right from his driveway, and he caught the whole thing on camera.

    Mike Lovins says he, his wife and his granddaughter were awake in his home near Fourth and Sheridan when the theft took place, but they didn't hear anything.

    Lovins has security video of the trailer being taken from his driveway.

    In the video, a man appears to pick up the trailer and walk away with it.

    Lovins says the trailer had a heavy duty lock on it, but it didn't seem to deter the alleged thief.

    He says he even had another truck in front of the trailer, but the man was able to pull it around and take it to where he'd parked.

    Lovins tells FOX23 he just wants his trailer back.

    He says this is the second time someone has stolen a trailer from him in the last five years.

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