Bristow meth bust leads to distribution charges against at least 13 people

By: Lynn Casey


BRISTOW, Okla. - Bristow police and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics spent the last three months conducting an undercover narcotics investigation.

In that time, they said, 13 people sold methamphetamine to undercover officers. Police got warrants and arrested seven suspects on Wednesday. They are searching for the remaining six.

Each suspect will face distribution charges at minimum. Some could rack up more charges.

Investigators said that because of laws regulating pseudoephedrine, not as many people make meth anymore. They told FOX23 a lot of the drug comes from cartels.

They will use these arrests to target higher level drug dealers.

Those arrested this week are Aaron Murphy, Anthony Bruner, Daren Wood, Jadaya Edmondson, Montie Pearson, Tara Bjornson and Tim Bethel.

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