Woman says police tased her while she was handcuffed

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Updated: 11/09/2012 9:46 pm Published: 11/09/2012 4:30 pm

A Muskogee woman says police used pepper spray and shocked her with a taser, while she was handcuffed to a hospital bed.

Muskogee Police are reviewing the officers’ use of force report.

Inside the emergency room at the Muskogee Regional Medical Center a woman said both of her hands were handcuffed to the hospital bed. While restrained, she said she was suicidal and screamed for help.

“I was moving my hands back and forth,” said Christina Boylan.

That is when she said officers used pepper spray and a taser.

Christina Boylan remembers what happened Tuesday night in the hospital. She said she was depressed and started drinking and then locked herself in a bedroom with loaded guns. She said she wanted to die.

Her family called police and she was rushed to the hospital. Family members said officers assured them Boylan would be safe.

“That we could trust them and that she is in good hands,” said Boylan’s sister Alissa Wren.

Boylan said when she got to the hospital she was scared and wanted her family there. Family said they were not allowed to see Boylan.

“I was screaming, I was screaming, for someone to help me,” said Boylan.  “They were trying to put the catheter and the cop told me to hush.”

Boylan said that’s when she claims officers used non-lethal force.
“He was standing right beside me, and tased me and then pepper sprayed me,” said Boylan. “I remember screaming, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, someone help me. No one helped me.”

Boylan pointed out burn marks she says were caused by the taser. She believes the officer used it twice.

“I didn’t think I was threatening them at all. I heard someone say she pinched me and people laughing,” said Boylan. “I didn’t try to hurt anybody. I was handcuffed.”

Boylan said she called Muskogee police and made a complaint.

“What we are looking at is if one officer had sprayed, if the other officer was trying to pull back the taser. We don’t know if the officer was trying to get her to comply,” said MPD Sergeant Pedro Zardeneta.

Police said being handcuffed doesn’t strictly violate its use of force policy with a taser.

“Just because you are handcuffed,  you can still do a lot of damage,” said Zardeneta.

Officers said there can be many reasons for tasing or pepper spraying someone.

“Are they handcuffed, do they still have room to assault someone? Are they trying to bite, are they trying to kick?” said Zardeneta. “The officers are not only looking at how to keep themselves safe but the other staff at the hospital and other EMS staff. They also have to keep that person safe as well.”

Muskogee Police are still investigating the accused officers and questioning witnesses and Boylan.

“I don’t think it should happen to anyone else. That was cruel what they did to me wasn’t right. I wanted to get help, I wanted to get help,” said Boylan.

Investigators have taken photographs of Boylan’s arm where she said she tased. During the investigation the officers in question are still on duty.

Earlier this year, a McAlester officer was accused tasing a handcuffed woman while she was being booked into jail and she spit on him. He now faces charges.

Green Country law enforcement agencies who issue taser guns to patrol officers include:

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, Rogers County Sheriff’s Office, Claremore Police Department, Broken Arrow Police Department, Jenks Police Department, Sapulpa Police Department, Sand Springs Police Department and Muskogee Police Department. Owasso police were able to budget some tasers for officers, but not all. Tulsa Police Department doesn’t require tasers but has issued a limited number.

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aleman - 11/12/2012 1:03 PM
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Years back there was one in the ICCU at St.Johns overdosed on crank he screamed and cussed and thrashed around for a few hours and then they dumped him into a bodybag on the floor and they hauled him off to the boogeyman,these cops never know what these nuts are on or what they have, they don't know these people from Adam they might have AIDS or hepatitis all the spitting,biting and scratching they might catch anything,these people didn't call the police to give her a ride to the Holiday Inn,she must have been raising two kinds of hell...think the family is having an attack of conscience,you are right Gladys poor cops deal with this trash day in day out...it is what it is...white trash drama

Gladys Crump - 11/12/2012 12:38 AM
0 Votes
I don't know what happened and don't claim to, but I have been in the emergency room several times when cops brought in people who had taken too much drugs or was too drunk to even deal with, these people were struggling,bucking, almost knocking the gurneys over, screaming, spewing filthy words from their mouths and acting like animals, if I was a cop and had to deal with these idiots I would'nt use a tazer or pepper spray, I would pull out my side arm and shoot them in the freaking head to shut them up.

Mayor Maynot - 11/11/2012 4:07 PM
1 Vote
If tazing and pepper spray were good treatment for individuals suffering from mental disease then that would be standard equipment in the doctors medical bag. Omission of the details indicates an effort to cover up the misbehavior of the law enforcement individuals (criminal under cover of law) . MPD needs to rid themselvs of Gomer and Goober before they bankrupt the department. Catheterise cops. Reduce the wasteful need for potty breaks.

alisa1469 - 11/11/2012 2:15 PM
1 Vote
Family had no choice but to call the news because the police would not talk to family and tell them what happened because they also didn't know because it was not in the police report we are very happy the way police handled everything at the house very professional we do however have a problem with the two officers that followed the ambulance and did this horrible unjustifiably unnecessary use of force because she would not stop crying and screaming help me

alisa1469 - 11/11/2012 2:02 PM
1 Vote
I was a witness at what happened at her house but not at the hospital She was not resistanting the police when they came to her house she did not fight she was handcuffed at her house to the hospital gurney no cops rode in the ambulance with her she was crying and screaming not at anyone just needed medical help the two cops followed behind the ambulance.This what she told me happened when she got to the ER that nurses at Muskogee regional was trying to put a catheter in while to male cops where standing there she was embarrassed and asked them to stop that it hurt she said she was screaming and crying the officer told her to hush she told them how would you feel if something was being shoved up your duck that's when one officer pepper sprayed her and the other tasered her she was handcuffed and legs tied spread eagle then she was tasered again none of this went into the police report i have it in front of me

alisa1469 - 11/11/2012 1:43 PM
1 Vote
Why if the cops felt that they did everything right why wasn't it put into the police report.Instead when the family calls the news then the police department finds out what the two officers did.If it was justified why try to keep it a secret.

alisa1469 - 11/11/2012 1:36 PM
1 Vote
Pepper spray was also used at the same time

Unwashed Mass - 11/11/2012 11:09 AM
2 Votes
She was handcuffed spread-eagle to a hospital bed. She wasnt going to do anything in that state to hurt herself or anyone else, that warranted the immediate use of a glorified cattle prod. The cop got annoyed at her screaming and acted like a bully.

roadhunter - 11/11/2012 1:34 AM
0 Votes
"Clearly another incident where a mental health professional was needed" Ha! A mental health professional with a taser, perhaps. If the cops hadn't done this to her, she might have killed herself, and the family would be suing.

aleman - 11/10/2012 7:37 AM
1 Vote
Big woman,full of adrenaline and drunk...if she was so calm why did they handcuff her?Just like you and me police have a right to protect themselves,the people around them and also protect people from hurting themselves,you can second guess their actions for years.
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