State Senator pushes to legalize marijuana

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Updated: 1/21 10:29 am Published: 1/21 10:28 am

The push to legalize marijuana in Oklahoma is gaining momentum.

A proposal is expected to be heard by state lawmakers in the next few weeks.

On Monday, President Barack Obama was quoted in a magazine article saying weed is no more dangerous than alcohol.

State Senator Constance Johnson is taking that idea further, saying alcohol is worse than marijuana and weed should be legal

“I think we need to accept the realities that alcohol is a dangerous drug, prescription drugs are dangerous. Marijuana has not killed anyone," said Johnson.

Senate Bill 216 would legalize marijuana up to one ounce and allow tax and regulation of the drug.

The State Bureau of Narcotics hopes the bill does not make it through the legislature, saying it could set a bad example for young people.

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DaFonZ - 1/25/2014 3:19 PM
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The reality of situation is that a large majority of those advocates for the criminalization and illegality of marijuana were taught so in their public schools or through local religious communities. I must also say there is nothing wrong with having a belief that an individual shouldn't use marijuana because of mental or physical health concerns they may have. However most of these beliefs that have been ingratiated into our culture and local communities were driven by corporate America using their monetary power ($$$) to influence our politicians to create legislation that limits ANY NEW MERCHANT MARKET. Should one feel the urge to research the history of marijuana laws, and there is new evidence and research that comes to light frequently, they will find that it was the new field of pharmaceuticals and the post-Prohibition benefactors that flexed their monetary power on our political leaders. I don't pretend to know the motivations of the individuals who were in office during this period, nor do I want to slander their name/reputation, BUT I do want my fellow Americans to know that there is undeniable and irrefutable evidence that since Prohibition our 3 branches of government have shaped laws and policies to enable these institutions to flourish. To put my argument in perspective I just ask that you think about one thing: How is it beneficial for people who make CAREERS out of government positions to operate and expand their budget when there is a potentially multi-billion dollar industry that is untaxable IF people are allowed to grow and consume a product in the privacy of their own home. Most laws are made with 2 hands driving the carriage. In one hand you have the established corporate industries that will always be driven by monetary concerns first and foremost. And on the other hand you have CAREER POLITICIANS who either want less taxes for their corporate friends contributing to their elections OR the trickle-down economic benefits of criminalization.

Unwashed Mass - 1/24/2014 10:43 AM
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Prohibition is the lifeblood of the corrupt, just as it was in the 1920's

SouthernStyle - 1/23/2014 1:14 PM
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For me it's hard to see why marijuana is still illegal in the country. To this day, there has not been an intelligent argument against the legalization and regulation of cannabis that cannot be quickly dismissed or refuted. One could assume most politicians are worried that supporting this controversial subject would yield negative feedback from their supporters. The public has gotten it into their heads that legalizing marijuana is the same as condoning it, which it is not. One does not have to condone the smoking of marijuana to vote for its legalization. The fact is, many people would outlaw fast food, cigarettes, alcohol, and tanning beds because of the harm they cause. But this is America, and America is about freedom and about choice. Give the people in our nation the choice to enjoy marijuana without the fear of prosecution or criticism. In these economic times the government should be looking for ways to create jobs, produce ongoing revenue, and increase morality of its citizens.

Unwashed Mass - 1/23/2014 11:30 AM
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It should be obvious from the public response that a clear majority of the viewers here are in favor of decriminalizing marijuana, yet fox23 cheers on even the lamest pot busts as if it were serious crime-fighting.

Mayor Maynot - 1/23/2014 8:42 AM
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DaFonz #8 ^]] In historical reference we may have once been the oil capitol of the world. That is just no longer remotely so. Could be so maybe some day. Hemp oil.

Mayor Maynot - 1/23/2014 8:25 AM
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Is it just me ? Or are we near a new way of life ?? The actual growth of the plant itself can alleviate the need for the millions of pounds of toxic fertilizer that contaminates our watersheds. In all of these ways, the growth of industrial hemp can help in the restoration of our watersheds and streams, as it is grown for usable materials that will be later used in the community design.

Mayor Maynot - 1/22/2014 5:42 PM
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Many users become extra industrious and clean out the refrigerator. Midnight attack of the munchies.

Mayor Maynot - 1/22/2014 4:16 PM
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Kudos to you and your grandfather.

Mayor Maynot - 1/22/2014 4:14 PM
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Allamerican #8 ^]], you're the one who is a fool. I never saw a spot on any bill that said it was your money. It's printed by the US Govt. They OWN the money and they are gracious enough to let you use it as long as you keep paying to do so.

onelove - 1/22/2014 2:44 PM
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Legalize! Its medicine and should be treated as such. Unlike liquor and pills, which makes you act like a fool and terrorize the people around you. There have been numerous deaths due to liquor, innocent kids, innocent families. How many caused by weed? Not ONE. And if you say there was a death due to weed, you're a liar. It's a mellow feeling with amazing health benefits for a variety of illnesses. Everything from fidgeting to deadly cancer. Do or don't smoke weed, I could care less, but the people that NEED it, let them be. Cause there are people that need it that don't want to resort to addictive pills and deadly liquor.
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