KKK Growing In Tulsa

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Updated: 11/09/2009 10:19 pm Published: 11/09/2009 4:26 pm

    The Southern Poverty Law Center reports a surge in what it calls "hate groups".  According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, there are 19 active groups in Oklahoma, including the Ku Klux Klan.  FOX23's Emily Sinovic found out there is an active KKK chapter in Tulsa.  Members are actively recruiting other members,  and the leader of the chapter tells Emily it's working.  New members are joining all the time.     
    During the middle of the night, members of the United White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan drove through a Tulsa neighborhood, dropping off fliers in neighbors' front yards.  The front page message says, "Take a Stand and Join the Klan".  

    In 2001, according to the SPLC, there were two active KKK groups in Oklahoma, right now, the SPLC reports there are seven active chapters of the KKK. 
     To find out why there has been a surge in membership and who is joining, Emily interviewed the Tulsa chapter leader at the home where the group meets in Tulsa. Inside that room, there was a Confederate flag hanging on the wall, framed photos of cross burnings, and hoods with capes hung in the corner. 
 The KKK chapter leader did not want to use his real name and asked that we refer to him as "Tinker".  
  Emily asked Tinker how he got involved with the Klan.  He answered, "It's just something I wanted to do for a long time. I studied it on my own with internet, books, whatever I could read or see."  

   He and the other two members who were in the room during the interview did not want to show their faces.  Tinker says they are afraid of people who "misunderstand" the klan. 

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thomas242007 - 2/18/2012 2:13 PM
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well i certainly dont agree with the kkk on alot of their views, but honestly are they any worste than groups say like La raza, Nation of islam, or the black panthers? as long as they dont start firebombing, hanging and killing people again then i really dont see a problem with them doing what they do, and those other groups by the way are just as racist as these guys, just saying

tinker2 - 11/18/2009 2:20 PM
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To address the comment from Calvin Brian Cook,"this guy" you are only upset with the uwk because you were banished! You were not looking out for the virtues of womanhood by beating your wife. Then after she left you, you didn't look out for the best interest of your children while chasing her with them in the vehicle, keying her car, not paying child support, and not wanting anything to do with your kids. Also not to mention the multiple protective orders that have been granted against you from prior girlfriends, the assault and battery charges which should have been maiming considering you pushed a kid in a bonfire. It looks like the reason you have your kids now is to try to get back with her. You seem to be trying to control this lady and make her life a living hell. As far as the guy your calling out to be "Scott W King" he is not a member of the UWK. If he was we would be glad to have him considering you have accused him of beating you up for some horrible things you did to your wife, seems to us he does protect the virtue of womanhood and children. Not saying we condone to any kind of violence that he may or may not have commited but he sounds like an outstanding person.

this guy - 11/14/2009 2:01 PM
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ok i have some imfo on "Tinker" and the 26 yr old female w 2 kids! you should know the female does not have custody of her kids, I do! she is a deadbeat, this is a hate group, back in april she had custody of our kids, which happen to be mixed race white and very proudly native american, i was invited by her to visit our kids. i went over and was there no longer than 5 to 10 min. when she got a text from someone and told me i needed to leave while we walked to the door i asked why, she opened it and said thats why with some choice words. she then shut the door behind me and Scott Wesley King or "Tinker" and 1 of his friends were waiting on me and they proceeded to assult me with my kids inside the house. after i was sent to the er i strted receiving txtz from Scott tellin me welcome to uwk okie chptr and threatening me w txtz saying i smell gun powder on you, they were all signatured w "Tinker". as of lately he has shown my 5 yr. old daughter and 7 yr. old son the klan masks, my daughter said he put it on and took a sword out of a case and said i will kill you, now trying to jokingly scare them or whatever this guy seriously has some mental problems. my kids are not allowed around him when she has visitations, yet however as soon as she gets them they are right there in the travel trailer w no electric prkd bhind someones house in west tulsa, this has been court ordered by a judge. i hope none of you think badly of the kids, they are my pride and i assure each and everyone of the people who read this they will not be brought up in this manner. this guy is a 3 time felon, has no job, and has nothing better to do with his life its simply sad and pathetic, especially on the mothers part, she has given up her kids 4 this hate group. oh and to the reporter that made him contradict himself and made him look stupid w the burning cross thing, thank you i needed that laugh!

kindagreywolf - 11/12/2009 11:23 AM
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With all the minorities Getting special rights in the law, work places and every were else, while the White people are getting less rights, I am starting to think that the KKK is a good thing. I shouldn't have to cower down just because I am white and am tired of people making racist comments and saying I am racist being white. If there is one thing in Oklahoma that I have learned is that if someone THINKS your guilty, Your guilty, no matter what. So might as well commit the crime as I have to do the time.

CowBot9000 - 11/11/2009 12:42 PM
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Actually, Armed, what we were talking about was the double standard in what constitutes a hate group, so the inclusion of Black Panthers into this debate is wholly appropriate. And whatever principles the Black Panthers might have been founded upon have long since been replaced with less altruistic ideas.

Armed2teeth - 11/10/2009 2:55 PM
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Off the pigs! Was a term referred to the police, not to whites. The revolution was being bought about because of police brutality. Being sprayed with water hoses and bitten by dogs for just walking down the street, in America, land of the free.....Would this not cause you to pick up arms too? By the way, JW, I would arm myself, and I would march down the street in protest if men were hung for whistling at white women, or better yet for not being allowed to eat or use the same restroom. If the issue is the KLAN and not the government, make it that, not Black Panthers.

CowBot9000 - 11/10/2009 1:54 PM
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Black Panthers aren't aggressors? How about a group that carries loaded weapons in public and chants such peaceful things as "The Revolution has co-ome, it's time to pick up the gu-un. Off the pigs!" Because that's the Black Panthers.

slimjim - 11/10/2009 1:48 PM
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Go to you tube and then type in " Manning speaks out about the mack daddy." I think this man speaks about the real unrest in this nation today. It's not a skin color issue, it's a leadership issue. It's not a Democrat or Republican issue, it's a leadership issue. I truely believe this country is more divided now than in many years. Papdadi is absolutely right on, it's overwhelming disgust with our government. Talk about a bunch of misfits, look in Washington, and I'm not just referring to the President. I don't think in combat it really matters if the individual next to you that has your back is black, white, brown, straight, or gay. Armed, seems like, if I recall correctly, a Afro-American female was executed at a prison in the state of Texas a few years ago. If my memory served me correctly, there were Black Panthers marching in the street with AK-47 automatic rifles. What do you think would have happened had that been a group of whites, such as the klan? The national guard would have most likely been called out and we would have another Waco. What did happen? Nothing! The rules and laws MUST apply to all, Black, White, Brown, etc. Look at the justice system today, we have apprx. 20 million ILLEGALS, in this country. What does ILLEGAL really mean, and yet what do we do? Welfare, school lunches, subsidized everything,(medical, housing, and the list goes on and on. This might explain the rise in popularity of the klan and other groups as well.

Armed2teeth - 11/10/2009 1:21 PM
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First, you cannot compare the KKK to the black panthers. The panthers were never aggressors, they never stated that they hated whites, that group was built to defend minorities from police brutality. Secondly, the black panthers are considered a terrorist organization by the federal government. But funny, the KKK is not. The KKK has taken many lives because of facist beliefs, and have done harm to many people other than blacks. I do agree with you somewhat though slimjim, people need to educate themselves on ALL subject matter, not just on their opinions.

CowBot9000 - 11/10/2009 1:18 PM
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Although I disagree with any sentiments that the Klan has any noble or benevolent purpose in society, I completely agree with those that express the disparity of what constitutes a hate group. The Ku Klux Klan cannot be labelled a hate group without so labelling such groups as Nation of Islam and Black Panthers.
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