• Carrie Underwood: ‘Feels like home' after Nashville tornado


    You can take the girl out of Tornado Alley, but you can’t take Tornado Alley out of the girl.

    Living in Nashville, Carrie Underwood is a resident of Dixie Alley, where residents experience slightly fewer tornadoes than Tornado Alley. 

    That lower number didn't protect her home, though. During a wave of severe storms, Carrie Underwood’s chimney came off her house.

    Underwood tweeted about the damage Wednesday morning. 

    “Woke up to tornado sirens and hail,” she posted.

    “Our chimney is currently in our driveway … tree limbs everywhere … feels like home,” she continued before using the hash tag Okie.

    Underwood is no stranger to severe weather- she was born in Muskogee and grew up in Checotah.

    The American Idol winner and Oklahoma Hall of Famer stayed in Oklahoma attended Northeastern State University until graduating 2006. 

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