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5:00AM FOX23 News This Morning Local news, sports and weather.
6:00AM FOX23 News This Morning Local news, sports and weather.
7:00AM FOX23 News This Morning Local news, sports and weather.
7:00AM FOX23 News This Morning Local news, sports and weather.
9:00AM The People's Court A dispute involving a foot doctor.
10:00AM Judge Alex A dispute between bandmates.
10:30AM Judge Alex Former friends squabble over a car that was borrowed and then crashed.
11:00AM Divorce Court A husband claims his wife cheats on him, while she says he is boring and their love life is lackluster.
11:30AM Divorce Court A woman says her husband is a habitual cheater who has 25 children, while he claims she only married him to get money for her daughter.
12:00PM The Trisha Goddard Show The focus is on an unsolved murder. Also: A woman claims she's a prisoner in her own home because her boyfriend monitors her every move.
1:00PM The Test A woman believes her sister stole a necklace that was given to her by their father; a woman wants to know if her daughter is being promiscuous after seeing a video of her dancing provocatively.
2:00PM Jerry Springer A woman ready to reconcile with her boyfriend finds out he had an affair with her sister; a man tells his girlfriend he slept with her sister.
3:00PM The Steve Wilkos Show A couple accuse each other of abusing their 7-month-old son; a woman claims her 6-week-old daughter was abused by her former best friend.
4:00PM Jerry Springer A man accuses his brother of sabotaging his relationship with his girlfriend after she refused to have a threesome; a man hopes his girlfriend will forgive him for having an affair; a woman tells her husband she slept with his best friend.
5:00PM The Middle In Part 1 of the two-part fourth-season opener, Frankie gets nostalgic about the summers of her youth. Meanwhile, Axl attends summer school; Frankie wants to know which parent her kids favor; Brick grows a tomato; and Sue attempts to bond with her dad.
5:30PM Community The group reminisce about fun times in a series of flashbacks, which include a trip to a ghost town, a glee-club performance, and Jeff and Britta's secret trysts. Elsewhere, Troy's monkey resurfaces briefly before disappearing again.
6:00PM The Simpsons In "Treehouse of Horror XX," Lisa is drawn into a Hitchcockian revenge plot when she isn't chosen for an academic honor; Krusty invents a ghastly fast-food item that unleashes a plague of zombies; and Moe's microbrew has a vile secret ingredient.
6:30PM King of the Hill The boys' annual camping trip is disturbed by a gathering of hippies, who share their food with Bobby and expect sharing in return. Guest voices include Melissa Etheridge, Anna Faris, Jamie Kennedy and Fred Willard. Stephen Root, Mike Judge.
7:00PM House The mother (Jennifer Grey) of a newborn with breathing difficulties and liver failure must make a very difficult decision that could affect her own health as well as her baby's. Meanwhile, Cuddy tells House to hire a woman for his team.
8:00PM House At Cuddy's insistence, House finally hires a female member of the team, a third-year medical student (Amber Tamblyn) who, it turns out, has a tie to Taub. Meanwhile, a senator's campaign manager (Jack Coleman) suddenly falls ill.
9:00PM Modern Family Jay and Phil vie for a coaching vacancy on Manny and Luke's basketball team following the abrupt departure of the previous coach. Meanwhile, Mitchell takes Cameron to a job interview; and Claire and Gloria worry about their children getting older.
9:30PM The Middle Frankie is humiliated when she goes shopping for baby diapers for Sue, who has run out of them while babysitting, and the clerk thinks she's looking for adult diapers. Elsewhere, Frankie makes Mike take a physical, thinking he's starting to break down.
10:00PM Family Guy Quagmire moves in with the Griffins after losing his job for crash-landing his plane. Naturally, it was Peter's fault. He wanted his pickup truck to fly, so he siphoned off the jet fuel from Quagmire's plane. Hugh Hefner has a voice cameo as himself.
10:30PM Family Guy Lacking excitement in her life, Lois decides to get a job, and Peter steers her toward being a flight attendant (because husbands fly free). Elsewhere, Stewie is dispatched to a day-care center, where he promptly falls in love with a girl named Janet.
11:00PM American Dad! After he and Francine are mugged, Roger enters the police academy and falls in with a corrupt cop (voice of Bobby Cannavale). Meanwhile, Hayley makes a new friend, which might disrupt a long-standing relationship.
11:30PM American Dad! Stan is a passionate figure skater. Who knew? Not Francine, because he never told her. But she finds out and decides to become his partner. Trouble is, she might not be good enough.
12:00AM The Cleveland Show Cleveland's idea to take Cleveland Jr. to a turkey farm to bag one for Thanksgiving dinner doesn't fly with the young guy, who instead hatches a plan to free the birds. Meanwhile, Rallo and Donna team to construct a Thanksgiving Day float.
12:30AM Community Part 1 of 2. A sandwich shop opens in the cafeteria, drawing the ire of Shirley, Pierce and Britta, who scheme to close the place down; Laybourne tries again to convince Troy to join him; and Abed and Troy battle over competing blanket forts.
2:00AM The King of Queens Carrie wants to take Doug salsa dancing to celebrate the anniversary of their first date, but Doug persuades her to go to Atlantic City instead. O'Boyle: Sam McMurray. Rico: Angelo Pagan. Pam: Jan Claire. Croupier: James Wellington.
2:30AM The King of Queens Doug's enthusiasm over a hot, new restaurant is quickly deflated after Carrie makes an ugly scene at the restaurant and bans Doug from ever eating there again. Carlo: Cosimo Canale. Antonio: Nino Del Prete. Doug: Kevin James. Carrie: Leah Remini.
3:00AM That '70s Show Kelso's brother (Luke Wilson) stands Donna up; Eric struggles to respond when Red says "I love you"; Kelso finds a dream job to buy Jackie a Valentine's Day gift. Ruth: Laurel Smith. Kelso: Ashton Kutcher. Red: Kurtwood Smith.
3:30AM That '70s Show Red is undisturbed when an injured Leo falls in love with his nurse, Kitty; Jackie's steamed when Kelso lands her dream job of model. Todd: Christopher Masterson. Leo: Tommy Chong. Photographer: Matt Winston. Kitty: Debra Jo Rupp. Kelso: Ashton Kutcher.
4:00AM The Steve Wilkos Show Steve confronts child abusers in clips from prior episodes.
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