Video recorded confession in Weleetka murders

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Updated: 1/30/2013 12:16 pm Published: 1/29/2013 6:48 pm

A video recorded confession reveals how an accused killer told investigators he saw ‘demons.'

“I was seeing monsters and I panicked and shot them.”

Kevin Sweat is accused of killing two young girls in Weleetka on June, 8th, 2008.

Thirteen-year-old Taylor Paschal-Placker and 11-year-old Skyla Whitaker were gunned down by a .40 caliber Glock pistol and a .22 rifle on a dirt road near Taylor’s home.

A judge bound Sweat over for trial in the Weleetka murders, “Tragedy has visited our county.”

During the two-day preliminary hearing, ten pieces of evidence were introduced in court.

The key piece of evidence is the two hour and thirty-three minute interrogation on September, 13, 2011 with Sweat and the lead OSBI Agent in the case, Kurt Titsworth.

For an hour and 45 minutes Sweat continued to deny he had any part of the murders, he said he wouldn’t kill kids and doesn’t remember what happened and he saw demons and blacked out.

The agent told Sweat there was evidence against him in the case that put Sweat at the crime scene.

“Did demons make you do it,” said Titsworth.

Sweat told the agent “I guess I was mental.”

Then about an hour and 45 minutes later in the interview, Sweat told the agent he stopped to urinate on the road and “I was seeing monsters. They were coming after me. I shot them and jumped in car and drove as fast as I could.”

Sweat told the agent he panicked and dumped the guns or sold the guns.

The agent testified the .40 caliber shell casings from the murder scene and .40 caliber shell casings from Sweat’s father’s property and his bedroom at his mother’s house matched.

OSBI firearm experts testified how they identified the .40 caliber which the serial number traced back to the Baltimore Police Department. The gun was reportedly traded with Glock and it eventually was sold in Oklahoma. BPD had the serial number of the gun on record.

Sweat’s father testified Sweat would shoot his .40 caliber on his property and enjoyed guns.

Agent Titsworth testified Sweat worked with Skyla’s mother during the timeframe the girls were killed in 2008. He also says he worked with Taylor’s aunt later who told him how the girls were found when they were killed saying Taylor was trying to protect Skyla because Skyla was trying to run.

Titsworth also says the aunt told Sweat how many times the girls each shot. Medical examiner reports show Taylor was shot five times and Skyla was shot eight times.

Taylor’s sister Linda Placker also testified was emotional on the stand and said that she never told Sweat about the details of the murders.

Agent Titsworth also told the court that Sweat told family members his former fiancé, Ashley Taylor threatened to go to police about the Weleetka murders if Sweat broke up with her.

Sweat is also accused of murdering Ashley in July, 2011.

Sweat’s mother testified during the preliminary hearing and denied telling detectives about that.

Skyla’s grandmother was in the courtroom to watch the video recorded confession. The Plackers were not allowed inside because they had to testify in the preliminary hearing.

Ashley’s stepmother and father who listened and watched still wants answers.

“The lies, trying to cover things up and trying to skirt the issue. Having to relive this brings up the feelings of anger,” said Michael Taylor.

An arraignment should be scheduled for Sweat in about a week. A trial date could be set at the arraignment.

The trial for Ashley Taylor’s murder is scheduled for June, 2013.
Sweat faces the death penalty for all three murders.  

The .40 caliber Glock mode 22 has not been recovered. A $5,000 reward for that gun serial number EKG463US is being offered. If you have any information call OSBI at (800) 522-8017.

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GodsGutterPunk - 1/30/2013 1:00 PM
1 Vote
ok now about not being born mentaly ill, wait a minute does not GODs word say HE will punish to the 3rd and 4th generation of those that hate him, did not one man approach our LORD and say he had demons since birth or his dad, does not the word say, that if you do this or that your children will beg in the streets and other things along these lines, it would be crazy to say mental health has not made some advancements , they have, but I see it twice as crazy for the mental health to say Jesus was a lair or didn't know what he was dealing with, HE was and is the Son of Him. work with the information He gave us not aginst it.anything that lines up with the word is true anything that doesn't is a lie

AGIRL - 1/30/2013 11:53 AM
0 Votes
Gods GutterPunk, Well said & I couldn't agree with you more. I believe God don’t believe 1 is born (mentally ill, etc.) meaning 1 person is doomed to fail & others aren’t'. God gives us all a way out, a chose & the tools we need to overcome the evil ways of this world. We are born equal. I think each and everyone of us endure storms, trial & tribulation with a way out. Adversity to build character, molding us,& shape us into the person he wants us to become. So that we may live for him and carry out his will for us. And when people continue to carry on into sin, ignoring the truth, feeding their demons, living of this world horrible things happen, and people doing demonic things that are unexplainable & UNGODLY. Health agencies, courts, attorneys etc. try to understand & make excuses justifying these peoples behaviors. And its NOT the truth. Gods word is the living word, the ONLY truth.

GodsGutterPunk - 1/30/2013 7:45 AM
0 Votes
man , you people and the mentel health agencies need to wake up if Jesus said there were demons and He being the Son of GOD ,there are demons,period.I realy dont see how people could do all that's being done in socitys news these days.and people wont even open up thier minds to the possibilty, are we man so "con seed ed" in our own wisdom , I'm not , and I'm tired of mental health agengencies punishing me for believeing in CHRIST and that He saved me and that every word of the bible is true, almost as if they're trying to take away my faith, I've told you all I had grandmal sezies as a child and at 8 months old I had tempeture of and above 108 causeing irreversible brain damage, that as a person with brain damage I traveled america and was constantly harrassed,beat up , shot at for eating out of garbage cans,and the ONlY love I've felt in this world starting coming august 20th 1995 the day I was saved and baptized right here passing thru tulsa. now the fact I'm" paraniod' I think has nothing to do with mental illness, I totaly believe it's PTSS post tramatic stress syndrome,now with this stress and a known seizre disorder all can be explained.but I have constantly been abused by mental health agencies, in thier quest to prove JESUS was wrong, my label seems to change on a regular basis to fit whatever new wonder drug they come out with and has almost caused my death 5 times, now they stick a label on me that they're sure will just scare the crap out of people ,an make sure no one will listen to me. I forgive them and dont want to sue them, all I want is to try and be happy with the lot I was given. PRAISE GOD,thank JESUS till my dying day ,and be filled with the holy spirit, people that fast see things hear things, why can't you believe people that do the same for reasons "drugs"ect" other than getting close to God,wouldn't also see and hear things, PS marajuana is not a drug it's a plant and if smoked or drank in tea you definatly aint gona fas

Mayor Maynot - 1/30/2013 3:15 AM
0 Votes
Mental ? I'd say don't kill him just kill his brain.

Unwashed Mass - 1/29/2013 11:43 PM
0 Votes
The confession was coerced and illegally obtained, Im surprised it was allowed as evidence. Can you say "mistrial"?
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