Accidental gunfire at "no gun" businesses

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Updated: 11/20/2012 9:08 am Published: 11/19/2012 9:13 pm

In Tulsa, police report there have been two cases of accidental gunfire at businesses where "no gun" signs are clearly posted.

Last week, at St. John Medical Center and then at AMC Southroads movie theater where a woman shot herself in the finger with her gun that she concealed in her holster.

On Friday, at AMC Southroads police said security asked the man to leave after his firearm was seen in the theater. 

AMC has a “no weapons sign” posted on the doors.

Police said he was refunded his money and was told he could pick up his wife after the movie.

However, officers said the man failed to tell employees or police that his wife was also carrying her handgun in the theater.

An hour later, police officers were called to AMC where his wife reportedly went to the restroom and dropped her Springfield XD .40 out of her holster and it went off.

The round went through part of her finger and she was transported to the hospital.

Police believe she will be okay. No one else was hurt.

"I don't think us, just going to watch a movie, should have a weapon on us," said AMC movie goer Mindy Meyer.

At Select Cinemas no one has been caught carrying a firearm since open carry went into effect on November 1st. The owner, Blake Smith, said he wants to keep it that way.

"It's just way too many people around that could become a victim," said Smith.

He runs Riverwalk theater and the Admiral Twin Drive-In. He said he hasn’t posted “no weapons” signs but they’re on order.

"We would ask that you take it back to their car just like AMC did," said Smith.

Under the Oklahoma Defense Act Title 21 Section 1290.22, business owners can ban weapons with or without a posted sign.

"There doesn't have to be a posted sign once you enter the business if you are then told to leave due to your firearm you have to leave," said Tulsa Police Public Information Officer Jillian Roberson.

If a gun owner refuses, law enforcement can arrest the gun owner for trespassing or if the gun fires they can forward charges for mishandling of a firearm.

Under Oklahoma Statute Title 21 Section 1290.17 police can confiscate your handgun license if you violate the Self Defense Act. It is up to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations to determine of your handgun license will be revoked for good.

OSBI agents said since Open Carry went into effect on November 1st, they have not received a case of illegal use of a concealed carry license in businesses but are expecting cases such as the two from Tulsa to arrive in their office to make a determination.

OSBI reports in 2011, agents issued 24,000 handgun licenses and less than 2% were revoked and only two were for recklessness.

Police said if you’re going to carry, concealed or openly carry responsibly.

"Ignorance here really isn't an excuse, said Roberson. ”Know your weapon, know what you are carrying and be familiar with it. There is no reason to unholster your weapon out in public unless you feel your life is in danger.

Most firearms come with a company manual. Springfield Armory has its posted online. (See attached link).

Oklahoma law prohibits gun owners from carrying firearms concealed or openly in airports past TSA security, public meetings, schools, federal buildings, courthouses, college campuses, bars and sporting events.

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weezilguy - 1/14/2013 6:12 AM
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and no she wasnt playing with it when it went off. Sheesh sheeple shut the hell up if you dont know what yer talking about.

weezilguy - 1/14/2013 6:10 AM
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Wow what a bunch of idiotic posts from uninformed idiots. It is NOT against the law to carry concealed in movie theaters. Its the owners preference that you not carry inside but all they can do is ask you to leave or give you a trespass warrant. I do know the woman that this is about and she is fine. Shame on FOX23 for leaving out several parts od the SDA law. Just because there is a sticker on the window doesnt mean you cant carry in. Part of the law says where you can and cannot and last I checked movie thaters are NOT a school or government building.

KacieSP - 11/22/2012 12:26 AM
0 Votes
@girl4GOD; your an idiot come on here and spreading that lie and you know it is and I hope the GOD in your name strikes you down for it.

girl4GOD - 11/21/2012 11:53 AM
0 Votes
From my understanding the "safety" was broken. And she was holding the gun under her chin....... The full, true story is what we need here !

girl4GOD - 11/21/2012 11:53 AM
0 Votes
From my understanding the "safety" was broken. And she was holding the gun under her chin....... The full, true story is what we need here !

JJ Swiontek - 11/20/2012 11:37 PM
0 Votes
I call 'bullfeathers' on the part of the story of the womans Springfield Armory XD-40 going off when it was dropped. The XD series has 2 safeties that have to be disingaged for it to fire. The short version = It can't fire when dropped. The trigger has to be pulled and it has to be in hand. She pulled the gun and had her finger on the trigger. Then she pulled the trigger and it went BANG!!!!

cdawg - 11/20/2012 7:22 PM
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What a dumb ass!!! Karma is a bi*ch even if you are stupid!! Hope the OSBI revokes this IDIOT'S conceal carry license!!

Mayor Maynot - 11/20/2012 5:14 PM
0 Votes
UmpSoftball Do you carry while on the field?? I bet you don't. You just can't make up your own rules in softball. Same no matter what field you are on. You can't unilaterally decide to take a gun in a place where it's not allowed. If you're scared then stay on the porch like a puppy.

Mayor Maynot - 11/20/2012 4:55 PM
0 Votes
CC OC IMHO you screw up one time then your permit should be permanently removed. I don't know what the charge is for taking a gun into a place where it's posted no weapons. It should be a felony. Insuring that the offender will never be eligible to do that again.

KacieSP - 11/20/2012 4:45 PM
2 Votes
I agree totally with mustangdriver. But, I would like to point out that all theaters in Tulsa have made it know that they will not allow weapons inside the theater. And most like AMC has banned weapons for awhile now. I hope we do not have more of these discharges but, we all know they will happen. All we can do is hope and pray that no one gets hurt or killed because, someone was stupid enough to remove their weapon in public or to carry a round in the chamber when they do not have a safety on their gun.
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